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Verizon delivers fast-forward-disabled HD VOD content from ABC

Darren Murph

My, my -- this is just gross. In an awkwardly positive release, Verizon is gleefully announcing the launch of ABC video-on-demand content on its fiber-based FiOS TV service. Unfortunately, that very content is of the "fast-forward-disabled" variety. If you'll recall, we've seen ABC lock up its VOD content on other carriers before, but we're still dismayed that the suits up there at Disney-ABC Television Group won't provide on demand entertainment that's, you know, on demand. If there's a silver lining, FiOS TV users nationwide will be able to catch all of ABC's hit shows a day after they air in high-definition, which sure beats watching commercials in SD.

*Verizon has acquired AOL, Engadget's parent company. However, Engadget maintains full editorial control, and Verizon will have to pry it from our cold, dead hands.

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