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Hudson thinking about other WiiWare remakes


Producer Peter Dassenko, who's handling the upcoming Alien Crush Returns for Wiiware, spoke with about the title and Hudson as a whole. As pumped as we are for Alien Crush Returns, it's not the only interesting thing about the interview. Dassenko pretty much confirms that we will see updates to other Hudson titles hit WiiWare, much like Star Soldier R and, of course, Alien Crush Returns.

"The special thing about Hudson is that we really do listen to what our fans want," Dassenko said. "We know there are a ton of fans out there demanding remakes or completely new versions of our more popular brands like Military Madness, Adventure Island, Bonk, and more," continuing on to say that he's "sure we'll see other series making the leap to current-gen soon enough." Sounds good to us!


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