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NEC's fancy new wiring technology could lead to slimmer LCD HDTVs

Darren Murph

While it's pretty much a given that HDTVs are going to slim down from one CES / CEDIA to another, you probably wouldn't think that wiring schemes would be the catalyst for making it happen. NEC Electronics has just revealed a "next-generation connection technology for the circuitry in large LCDs" that will enable big screens to get all the more thinner. Essentially, the tech is "specific to the wiring used to transfer signals from the image processing board to the driver chips that are fitted to the periphery of the LCD panel and control the pixels." Currently, a Full HD 37-inch LCD TV requires right around 21 wires to make the magic happen; with NEC's approach, just 8 would be needed. The company expects to have a "practical version" ready to roll sometime in 2009, so we're totally expecting credit card-thin LCDs in January 2010.

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