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Plenty of exclusive weirdness in Peggle: Dual Shot


It would seem from this 1UP preview that Peggle: Dual Shot is more than a simple stripped-down port of PopCap's PC hit. While it does contain levels from the original Peggle and the new Peggle Nights, it will also feature a selection of 15 unlockable levels designed by Dual Shot developer Q? Entertainment. 1UP's use of the term "Q-inspired" leads us to think that they may use themes or elements from other Q? Games like Lumines, Every Extend Extra, Gunpey, and (probably not) Ninety-Nine Nights.

To access these new levels, you go through a convoluted process that basically consists of playing a game underneath the bottom of the level in which you bounce off of and collect gems!

Also new to the DS is (obviously) a touchscreen control system that compensates for the reduced accuracy on the smaller screen with a zoom feature. You're still allowed (or forced) to set up your shots using minute single-pixel adjustments!

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