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Sherwood might cancel Blu-ray players due to competitive prices

Ben Drawbaugh

Whoa, this player didn't last very long -- first there was the delay, and now the Sherwood Blu-ray players announced at CEDIA, may never see the light of day. The reason is a good one for consumers, which is that Blu-ray player prices are dropping so fast that Sherwood doesn't think its player would be competitive. We can't say we blame them, when the big names in the market, like Sony and Samsung, have stand-alone players selling at select retailers for as low as $200. We don't think anyone predicted that player prices would drop this fast, and not only are "value" companies like Sherwood likely to drop the budget players, but the old fashioned DVD players are sure to follow. We mean, who in there right mind would buy a stand-alone DVD player if they could buy a Blu-ray player for the same price?

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