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Verizon pushes VueKey as an alternative to CableCARDs

Ben Drawbaugh

At this point it's old news that Verizon is not down with tru2way, but we're glad that instead of just complaining about it, Verizon is pushing for another technology. So instead of a physical card that plugs into the back of your TV or TiVo, VueKey is a downloadable conditional access system that would be downloaded to your equipment. The thing that has us scratching our head is what does this have to do with tru2way? The way we see it is while CableCARD controls the access to the programming, tru2way is for the user interface. Either way, on one hand the idea of plugging a card into a device just to authenticate it seems silly in this day and age, but at the same time we don't want to go out and replace all of our CableCARD devices just of the conditional access of the month.

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