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Wii Warm Up: Virtual Console plus


Okay, hypothetical question time. I recently acquired an Xbox 360 to keep my Wii and DS company, and have spent most of my time playing games on Xbox Live Arcade. My chief obsession in this short period has been Treasure shooter Ikaruga, which I previously enjoyed on the GameCube. The Xbox Live Arcade version is different, however, having been fleshed out with some neat additions, including the ability to upload/download replays and online leaderboards.

Now, I like these features. In fact, I like the leaderboard aspect so much that I began to wonder why Virtual Console games didn't offer such extras. Given the choice, would you like to see stuff like leaderboards and other additions (for example, some new galleries of old art, a developer commentary or interview, etc.) included with Virtual Console releases, or would you rather not spoil the pristine authenticity of the service? I used to be in the latter camp, enjoying the unspoiled genuineness of VC games, but now find myself wanting more!

The big gallery feature is approaching at full throttle. According to the data, it is identified as "Awesome Treasure Gallery."

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