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Harman Kardon delivers its DMC 1000 media centre to UK

Steven Kim

For all the Brits out there who had their hearts set on the Harman Kardon DMC 1000 media center when we first shot pics of way back at CEDIA 2007 but who had forgotten (understandably) about the unit, consider yourself rewarded -- it's now available in the UK for £1800 ($2980). Pick one up and start feeding it your CDs for ripping to its internal 250GB hard drive and your DVDs for glorious 720p upconversion; once you're done, you can use that four-stream support to cast your media hither and yon. While you're picking this gear up, don't forget to throw in a Bridge II dock to round out your on-the-go lifestyle. Seriously, this seems like a nice piece of kit, but pricey for its functionality -- let us know if if feels cheaper in Pounds.

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