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Psyclone's TouchCharge Kit for your 360 controller finally puts WildCharger to good use


We keep waiting for "wireless" contact charging pads to blow our minds and revolutionize the way we use gadgets, but perhaps we're just being idiot optimists. Or perhaps not. We're seeing great possibilities with this latest implementation of WildCharger's tech, the TouchCharge Kit from Psyclone for Xbox 360 controllers. The kit includes a rechargeable battery pack with the appropriate contacts and of course the charging pad. If you need to keep four controllers charging simultaneously, the $69-per setup pricetag might put this out of reach, but the Federal Reserve wouldn't be dropping interest rates right and left if it didn't want us racking up hundreds of dollars in consumer debt for game peripherals, right? EB Games has this up for pre-order now, should ship on December 15th.

[Thanks, Ken C.]

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