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Microsoft awards $75,000 to Dream-Build-Play 2008 winners

The winners of the annual indie developer-friendly contest Dream-Build-Play were recently announced. After scouring the 350 titles that were submitted (including, we imagine, a great deal of groundbreaking Pong clones), Microsoft awarded the $40,000 grand prize to Singapore's Team Gambit, for their XNA Game Studio-borne entry, CarnyVale: Showtime (pictured above), an "acrobatic puzzle game" which includes a built-in level editor. In addition to the cash prize, Team Gambit will apparently have the opportunity to publish their title on Xbox Live Arcade.

Other submissions garnered cash prizes and XBLA invitations for their creators, including a side-scrolling action game titled Weapon of Choice, a martial arts sim named HurricaneX, and the self-explanatory, infinitely intriguing Battle Tennis. These finalists, as well as many other submissions for the contest, will be available on the Xbox Live Community Games Channel when the NXE is released on November 19.

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