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SOE releases FAQ on Star Wars Galaxies free server transfers

Michael Zenke

The official Star Wars Galaxies site has a followup to Producer Chris Fields' announcement that free server transfers would be coming to the community. They now have an FAQ up, attempting to answer some of the the numerous nitpicks players will have with this daunting project. The actual transfers won't kick off until early next year (as originally indicated by Dotanuki), but it sounds like they're already prepping players for server closings. One of the FAQ points is "Where can I find a list of servers that will be offering a free transfer?" This would seem to indicate certain servers are seen as stable enough to keep 'whole', while others should probably be emptied.

The document notes that the server transfer list won't be made available until about a month before the project starts, as the developers track detailed server information. Other notes about the project:
  • Houses need to be packed up; they won't automatically transfer to a new server with you. Yes, that probably means you're going to lose your house's spot.
  • Vendors need to be closed out and their inventory removed. Vendors will be destroyed by a server transfer.
  • Players will need at least one slot free on their new server to transfer an existing character in. Players with an unlock slot (from the pre-NGE days) will be able to transfer three characters to their new server even if they didn't unlock a slot on that new server.
Full details are available on the official site, and we'll continue to watch this ambitious reorganization of the SWG playerbase as it unfolds.

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