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Ask a Beta Tester: Lordaeron, epic quests, and other things

Alex Ziebart

Welcome back to Ask a Beta Tester, where we answer your questions about the Wrath of the Lich King beta! Let's get things started with Chris's question...

I really enjoy the Epic quest in Nagrand to bring Thrall to meet his grandmother. Is there anything like that in Wrath where you have to complete all the quests in one zone before you get an epic quest to complete?

Well, there are a lot of quest chains. Maybe not that long, but certainly not less epic. That doesn't mean the chains are short, either. They just don't necessarily require completing every other quest in the zone. Some of the stories start the moment you step into a zone and last straight through until you're ready to leave it again, but there are plenty of other quests you do on the way. They're less of a prize for 'beating the zone' and more an everpresent story.


I am not 100% sure this would fit as a "beta" question, but here goes... I play a 70 Holy Paladin and a 70 BM Hunter, while my partner plays a 70 Destro Warlock and a (soon to be) 70 TG Warrior (we will not be respeccing, so Ret/Demo or the like isn't an option)... What are the 2 "best" 2-man combinations for us to use while leveling in Wrath? By best I mean efficiency and synergy, as well as ease of not being forced to split up in 5 mans.

If your partner doesn't mind tanking now and then, my personal suggestion would be Holy Paladin and the Warrior. You can find other good combos in there like the Hunter and the Warlock for mowing things down at range, or the Paladin and the Warlock for destroying mobs en masse, but Paladin/Warrior carries the benefit of having two of the most important parts of a 5-man group, a healer and a tank (who can DPS if you find another tank laying around).

When you're not in a 5-man group, the Titan's Grip Warrior will dish out a ton of pain, and the Holy Paladin can keep him going forever. Warriors with Healers become very, very scary. That's a good thing!

Debesun asked...

Is there any mention of any Lordaeron specific Alliance forces in Northrend? During a certain in-game cinematic there are certain alliance soldiers calling "For Lordaeron!" in a similar way one would say "For the Alliance!"

I can't recall any specific Lordaeron forces, but you can probably safely assume there are plenty of people that used to be citizens of Lordaeron folded in with the Stormwind forces now. Also, remember that the current Stormwind is fairly recent. The Orcs razed Stormwind 1.0 and all of the surviving citizens were refugees in Lordaeron. Stormwind 2.0 was born in roughly the same time period that the Scourge came to northern kingdoms, so a lot of the current day Stormwind citizens probably lived up there at some point in their lives for at least awhile prior to its fall.

Even if they didn't live there, battlecries like that aren't unusual. Lordaeron was part of the Alliance, Stormwind was part of the Alliance. It's a cry of vengeance, camaraderie, that sort of thing.


What is WotLK's equivalent of Arakkoa Feathers, Sanguine Hibiscus, Firewing Signet Rings, etc.? What are the dropped items in WotLK that are turned in for reputation, yet are still sellable on the auction house?

As far as I've seen? Nothing. I haven't run into any of those silly grinds at all. Every faction I've bumped into has had a ton of quests. Even the Kalu'ak, the Tuskarr faction that is sort of a 'side' faction, has a ton of quests and a few dailies.

Laz asked...

Is there a Northrend equivalent to Consortium monthly gems consisting of Northrend gems? Or are we stuck with free Outland gems only?

I haven't run into anything like this in Northrend. I'm pretty sure it doesn't exist, but it's possible it's tucked away in a corner of Northrend that I missed. I've quested in all of the zones though, so they would have needed to hide it really well. I think you're stuck with Outland gems.
The Wrath of the Lich King beta is in full swing, and the WoW Insider crew is here to sate your curiosity with Ask a Beta Tester! Leave your beta questions in the comments and we'll do our best to answer 'em!

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