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Blizzard VP discusses mistakes made and player expectations

James Egan

Blizzard may be reigning supreme in the MMO world, but that doesn't mean they haven't made some mistakes along the way. Indeed, it's actually refreshing when a company is willing to come out and admit to those mistakes, namely during the BlizzCon panels, as Blizzard's Senior VP Frank Pearce addresses in a recent interview with James Lee from "The panels are here about being open with the fans. I don't think the mistakes we've made are big, huge secrets anyway, right? You can see the mistakes in the results of the work anyway. It's more important to acknowledge your mistakes and learn from them than to keep them a secret," Pearce says.

Over the course of the interview, Pearce speaks about a few of the ways that the company may have been off the mark, and about what the players expect of Blizzard, particularly in terms of expansions. Pearce also acknowledges the possibility that delaying console MMO development could open Blizzard up to increased competition further down the road, with those companies who establish themselves there first. See the full interview with Frank Pearce for more on Blizzard's approach to the industry, and their ambition to have their content quality trump that expected one-year interval between World of Warcraft expansions.

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