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    Samsung's 63-inch PN63A760 fares alright in recent review

    Darren Murph

    Yet again, we're facing just another "pretty good" plasma in the highly competitive realm of flat-panels. Samsung's largest 7 Series PDP (PN63A760) was recently reviewed over at CNET, and while the accurate primary colors, effective anti-reflective screen, smooth dejudder mode and built-in interactive content were fine and dandy, critics couldn't help but ding it for reproducing "relatively light black levels" and "tacking on" the aforementioned interactive services. Additionally, the streaming functions didn't support third-part DLNA servers, the "Smooth mode" didn't work with 1080p sources and the red color design didn't do much for some eyes. The bottom line? It packs a bountiful feature set and a unique look, but the lackluster picture quality just seemed to overshadow those other positives.

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