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Enderle tenuously links Microsoft-Apple struggle with U.S. election

Robert Palmer

Rob Enderle, principal analyst at the Enderle Group, a division of Enderle Global Enterprises, represented by Enderle, Enderle & Enderle, and a block south of Enderle Toyota*, says Apple has made mistakes with its marketing that mirror those of the Republican party in this year's presidential race.

In a meandering article (littered with mild expletives) that very thinly connects the election with Apple and Microsoft, Enderle says a winner for either contest will benefit from its opponent's negative advertising.

"In the U.S. election, the negative campaigning probably has done more to motivate the Democratic base and get moderate Republicans to switch sides than anything the Democrats could have done alone. Apple's campaign has truly pissed off Microsoft, and Windows 7 is that company's way of saying, 'Steve Jobs can kiss my a**,' or more simply, 'enough,'" he wrote.

Enderle continued, "Apple would have been better off to fix its crappy laptop keyboards" than to focus on marketing.

Enderle was famous for predicting an early demise for the iPhone, and is routinely (perhaps inaccurately) identified as an independent analyst when giving his opinion.

[Via MacDailyNews.]

*Joke shamelessly ripped from this episode of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. (About 2:40)

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