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Fido to revamp image, become more than a Rogers clone on Tuesday

Chris Ziegler

Fido's experienced a bit of an identity crisis ever since being snatched up by GSM giant Rogers several years ago, struggling with product and pricing lineups that don't really project the quirky, young image that the brand's supposed to be all about. That might all change Tuesday, though, with rumors swirling that the carrier's poised to totally remake itself with new branding, a new, expanded hardware lineup, and lower fees. This might be largely in response to Telus' creation of the low-cost Koodo Mobile network, but also in preparation for an onslaught of competitors brought about by Canada's recent AWS auction. Either way, it sounds like it's probably good news for Canadian consumers looking for another (only?) source of budget GSM stuff.

[Via MobileSyrup, image via HowardForums]

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