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Flagship founder Bill Roper joins Cryptic Studios

Shawn Schuster

With the future of Hellgate: London on thin ice, it should be no surprise that Flagship Studios co-founder and CEO, Bill Roper, has sought greener pastures. As was just announced, Roper has joined Cryptic Studios as their new Design Director for Champions Online. Cryptic's CEO John Needham is optimistic about the acquisition: "Bill brings a ton of creative energy to the Cryptic office and we're thrilled to have him join our team. His years of gaming and online experience are huge assets to all of our projects, and Bill will assist us in furthering our studio's vision to create innovative, exciting MMO gameplay. "

These years of gaming and online experience Needham mentions include a long list of impressive titles. Not only did Roper work as a producer and developer on many classics like the Warcraft trilogy, StarCraft and Diablo, but he also dabbled in some voiceover work for many of these games as well. Roper is now a key asset for Champions Online, and we look forward to more news on his work with the game.

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