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Make it four: Cablevision also increasing rates in 2009

Darren Murph

You know it how it goes -- come one, come all. As the price hike bandwagon continues to grow, we now have Cablevision joining the likes of Comcast, Charter and Mediacom, who are all raising at least some of their prices on cable. Reportedly, Cablevision will be escalating prices by around 3.5% on average in 2009, and while spokesman Jim Maiella points out that said rate is "below the current rate of inflation," we can't imagine that making everything alright in the eyes of customers. Of note, the outfit's triple-play promotion (TV, high-speed internet and digital phone) will remain pegged at $90 per month, and the carrier is asserting that the rate hikes are going to fund its Wi-Fi initiative and VOD enhancements. Makes you feel all better inside, doesn't it?

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