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Nokia still atop global market share chart after Q3 2008

Darren Murph

Nokia's market share may have slipped ever-so-slightly after a rough Q3, but that's not to say the current champ has been knocked from its throne -- far from it, actually. According to fresh numbers compiled by research firm IDC, Nokia's global market share after Q3 was 39.4%, while Samsung notched the silver with 17.3% and Sony Ericsson the bronze with 8.6%. Trailing the top trio was Motorola and LG with 8.5% and 7.7%, respectively. Each of the five still saw net gains when compared to Q3 2007 save for SE and Moto, which saw their market share slip 0.8% and 31.7%, respectively. Man, a 31.7% slide in twelve months -- is something wrong at Motorola's handset division, or have we just been living under a gigantic boulder for the last calender year?

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