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Reports: THQ closing 5 studios, downsizing Juice Games


Various reports are emerging today that THQ has sharpened its battle axe and promptly swung ... at itself. Stuntman: Ignition developer Paradigm Entertainment has been closed, reports Gamasutra, and Juice Games has been dealt a crushing blow, losing a third of its staff, according to Develop. Additionally, amidst sinking share value and ongoing internal woes, THQ is poised to make further cuts this week. In fact, a peek at THQ's studio listing reveals the company is -- quite suddenly -- down to 11 studios (compare this to the soon-to-be-updated Wikipedia page, which lists 16 teams). Missing and presumed dead are: Helixe Games, Locomotive Games, Mass Media, Sandblast Games, and aforementioned Paradigm.

Tune in Wednesday when the troubled publisher releases its quarterly financial report -- and bring a splatter guard. There will be blood.

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