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Vertu concocts a few more moneymakers: Ferrari Ascent Ti collection

Darren Murph

We've already learned that the luxury handset sector ain't hurting even though the economy is (B&O notwithstanding), so it follows logic to see Vertu crafting a new line of covetable mobiles for the affluent. Reportedly, the Ferrari Ascent Ti collection will consist of three phones that all sport the iconic Ferrari logo along with a catchy paint job to further illustrate the automotive connection. The Nero will be all black, while the Rosso and Giallo will be red and yellow, respectively. Each handset features a scratch proof PVD and Ferrari-inspired themes / ringtones, none of which will really make 'em worth the asking price. Speaking of which, Vertu hasn't publicly disclosed a sticker just yet, but given that just north of 2,000 will be made, we'd say it'll be up there. Way up there.

[Via I4U News]

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