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Deadly Creatures' beautifully grotesque trailer


Why does one of the most visually impressive Wii games also have to be one of the most disgusting as well? This trailer for Deadly Creatures demonstrates beyond a doubt that the Wii definitely outpaces its predecessor, the GameCube, in realistic rendering of a spider crawling inside a dead deer's mouth.

The setting is unique, and the fighting -- which is the focus of this trailer -- looks like quite a bit of fun, but it's going to be hard to show off the graphical prowess of Rainbow Studios when said prowess is employed in the depiction of a tarantula murdering adorable lizards. Does it even count as video game violence when it's the kind of stuff seen on a nature show? Although we don't remember seeing a scorpion tearing the wings off of a dragonfly in a move that looks like it was inspired by pro wrestling. We'd probably remember something like that.


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