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High Voltage working on other Wii projects, promises announcements soon


During a rather lengthy interview from their concluded Halloween wrap-up party, Eric Nofsinger from High Voltage took a chance to do what he does best: talk about the Wii and The Conduit. High Voltage is one of the most talked about developers in the Wii community, because The Conduit looks to be what everything else on the console isn't: a game for hardcore gamers. But, enough about The Conduit. Would the company work on more Wii titles or, even better, have some currently in development that we don't know about (aside from their upcoming WiiWare game, of course)?

When asked about creating an RPG, Nofsinger said that was "another area that can use a shot in the arm" and that we should all keep our eyes peeled "in the near future" as High Voltage will announce some other games the company already has "in development." One of which, we've all seen by now. But, does he mean retail games? Does it mean it's an RPG? Whatever it is, we want to see it!

"We feel that there are a number of genres that are poorly represented on the Wii for core gamers," he said. "We want to do games that are high quality. You know, that's what we are. I think it's a shame for what is our personal favorite system to be so underrepresented when it comes to core gamers." Amen, brother. Amen.

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