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Nintendo DSi off to a flyer in Japan


Famitsu publisher Enterbrain has reeled in the first Nintendo DSi hardware sales figures, revealing that the console has gone down a storm in Japan, with 170,779 DSi handhelds sold over the first two days. So much for Japan not being hyped for the thing! As we mentioned in passing yesterday, the DS Lite took three days to sell 68,438 consoles, but it appears Nintendo has learned from Lite shortages, and shipped many more DSi units (200,000, to be precise). Our congratulations and barely concealed, envious glare to those who bagged themselves a console.

Even though Japan's public is evidently totally hot for the DSi, Siliconera reports that people aren't exactly panic-buying yet; one evil scalper purchased fifty of the consoles, and is now struggling to reap any profit whatsoever from them on Yahoo! Auctions. And that, my friends, is the beauty of karma. Har.

Source: 170,779 DSis sold ...
Source: ... including fifty to this guy.


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