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Rumor: DSi hacked, world surprised it took so long


"Hello? Yes, this is World. Hello? Hello? Why does nobody answer me?!"

Just imagine how annoyed you would be if the planet's numerous hackers, modders and programmers sought to address you every time they wanted to prove the effectiveness of a piece of code. The "Hello World" proof of concept is customary, but oh so rude. People always leave poor World hanging after that.

In any case, it would appear that the latest voice to join the choir of electronic greetings is Nintendo's newest portable wonder, the DSi. According to an unverified Youtube video, provided by one "Yasusoft" (developer of the YSMenu custom DSTT menu) and embedded after the break, the camera-equipped device has already fallen prey to software tinkering. Posters on GBATemp speculate that the hack sore used a modified TIFF image file to cause a buffer overflow.

Well, obviously. We totally knew that. Didn't we, World? Hello?

[Via GBATemp, DS Fanboy]

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