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    Vizio's 42-inch SV420XVT LCD HDTV gets reviewed

    Darren Murph

    Even with the big boys lowering prices this year to cope with bulging inventories and a flagging economy, Vizio sets are still apt to be one of your cheapest options. That said, if you've been cautiously eying the 42-inch SV420XVT, this here review should certainly provide a little guidance. Reviewers were pleased (and somewhat surprised) to see that Vizio included everything an HDTV virgin would need to get it up and running in ten minutes (or three hours, we guess): a remote, power cord, the set itself, cleaning cloth, safety strap and an HDMI cable. Furthermore, they found the out-of-the-box picture settings to be remarkably solid, but things began to turn slightly south when checking out the image quality. Black levels weren't awesome and the image sharpness "left very little to be desired," but again, you're not realistically expecting KURO-like qualities out of an $1,100 set. Overall, the 1080p HDTV was still impressive enough to net an 8.3 out of 10 rating, and so long as you're not anticipating world-beating performance, you'll likely be quite stoked for the price.

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