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Watch Heidi Klum dance in her underwear for ... something

Justin McElroy

Inspired by everyone doing their civic duty this Election Day, we'd like to announce a bold new initiative called "Share-A-Hit." Here's how it works: We'll be collecting all the traffic we get from the utterly ridiculous video after the break and donating it to less fortunate web pages. Because honestly, we feel too guilty about it to keep the thousands and thousands of hits we'll be getting. ... And we will.

So please, share this post with a friend. Because every time you send someone after the break to watch Heidi Klum dancing in her underwear to support Guitar Hero World Tour, you're helping to bring another set of eyeballs to some deserving Small Wonder fanfic site or black Neil Diamond impersonator that truly needs them.

Thank you and God bless.

[Via GameDaily]

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