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DISH Network joins with CBA to push awareness of DTV transition, sell converter boxes

Darren Murph

Let us not forget, DISH Network has a dog in the fight too when it comes to digital TV converter boxes. Said satcaster currently has a few such devices on the market right now -- the TR-40 CRA, DTVPal, and DTVPal Plus -- and it's looking to simultaneously push awareness of the impending analog switchover and sell a few converters while it's out there. Via a partnership with the Community Broadcasters Association (CBA), the two will ambiguously reach out to those not yet informed and urge them to take action well before February 2009. Of course, how exactly they plan on doing that remains somewhat of a mystery. In related news, we are told that the TR-50 standalone OTA DVR (or the DTVPal DVR, as it will be known), should be available later this month. Huzzah!

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