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Media Molecule flickr shows in-game image importing

Jem Alexander

Who fancies a game of "will they, won't they?" After stating that image importing from your hard drive will be coming to LittleBigPlanet at Game City Media Molecule seemed to change tact and stated yesterday that there were "currently no plans" to implement such a feature. Normally that's where the issue would end, but some eagle eyed LBP fans have noticed something fishy on the Media Molecule flickr page.

The photo above (click it to see the full size version) is captioned "work in progress" and shows a new Popit menu tool. An "image import tool" which allows you to "import images from your PlayStation Hard Drive to use as stickers." The photo was uploaded yesterday, the same day Media Molecule denied having any plans for such a feature.

Sure, it could be a Media Molecule exclusive tool and not for external distribution, but then why post a photo of it when they know we're expecting the feature to be patched in? Only time will tell what exactly is going on. Until then, keep your PlayStation Eyes handy, just in case. Also, did you notice that Sackboy in the bottom right hand corner? So did we. We want it.

[Via Tawkn]

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