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No fix planned for small Nuts & Bolts text

Dustin Burg

If you've tried the Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts demo (now available on the XBLM) and played it on a SD television you may have noticed that the text is Dead Rising itty-bitty small. Heck, HD television owners claim the text is rather difficult to read. And if you think team Rare can / will fix the small text issue in the retail build of Nuts & Bolts, then you're sadly mistaken because no text embiggening will be done.

Rare community manager George Kelion informed CVG that "this is an issue that doesn't look like it will get changed," confirming that "the text you see in the demo will be the same as that which you find in the retail version of the game." Our advice, get an HD television, a new pair of reading glasses or sit seven inches away from the screen. No more, no less.

[Via Evil Avatar]

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