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One Shots: Loping into Freeport

Many people have been enjoying the recent spate of different mounts from different games. We've shown off favorite faction ships from EVE Online, and today we have this dark and foreboding screenshot from Massively's very own Michael Zenke. In today's One Shots, he shows off a creepy mount he's picked up during his travels in EverQuest II. Michael tells us a bit more about this: This is my healer just after completing the Warg quests in Loping Plains, a late 50s chunk of content added back in the EverQuest II Faydwer expansion. Loping Plains is a fantastic zone, and the reward here is one of the cheapest high-speed mounts you can get. The backdrop is the evil city of Freeport, with the Overlord's ominous citadel floating on the horizon.

Sure, you can get from point-a to point-b in a variety of ways, but there's nothing quite as cool as the mount you earn, we think. If you've got a mount you've worked hard to earn (or maybe one you just think looks all kinds of awesome) we want to see it. Take a quick screenshot of your character on your mount, in your ship, etc. and send it to us here at oneshots AT massively DOT com along with your name and a quick description. Remember, One Shots is all about your adventures, so take a moment to send something in!

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