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XBLA Yaris drives into the sunset

Justin McElroy

Well, apparently the Xbox Live Arcade delisting initiative hasn't been completely abandoned, because promogame Yaris has apparently vanished. Not just like "you can't find it for download" gone, either. No, it's more like "the game page has completely vanished, D.B. Sweeney in Fire In The Sky-style" gone.

We're trying to get an answer from Microsoft on what exactly happened, but we have to ask: If a driving game once referred to as "a festering turd" by X360 Magazine isn't safe from being deleted, who among us is? [Update: As much as we'd like to think Yaris was deleted for turdiness, apparently "the title was removed since the program is now over" according to Xbox Live's Major Nelson – meaning the advergaming tie-in period had lapsed. Bet you wish you downloaded it while you still could!]

[Thanks, James]

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