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A Kingdom for Keflings: First Xbox Avatar game on Nov. 19 with NXE


Microsoft is ushering in the New Xbox Experience with A Kingdom for Keflings, the first Xbox 360 title to feature playable, in-game Avatars -- as GIANTS, no less. Developed by NinjaBee, who teased the game in June, the city-building sim supports 4-player Xbox Live multiplayer and "works perfectly with Xbox Live Party" (we should hope so!). While you can carry and assign jobs to Keflings (uh, the game's tiny, humanoid slaves), we have yet to confirm the ability to use Keflings to poke out other Avatars' eyes. But what an experience that would be!

A Kingdom for Keflings can be yours -- and your Avatar's -- for 800 ($10) when it hits Xbox Live Arcade on November 19th.

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