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AT&T launches Max 18: 18Mbps internet for U-verse TV customers

Darren Murph

AT&T may be looking into the merits of capping bandwidth on its DSL users, but those currently tapping into U-verse services now have yet another option for sucking down files at a snappier rate. Beginning on November 9th, new and current U-verse TV users will be able to upgrade to Max 18, a new high-speed internet tier that provides up to 18Mbps down; curiously, AT&T fails to mention the theoretical upload speed that surely corresponds. At any rate, U-verse TV users purchasing high-speed internet as part of a bundle can replace their current level of service with Max 18 for $65 per month (total, not an upgrade fee). No word on any caps just yet, but you know some suit way up high in AT&T's ivory tower is mulling it over.

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