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    CTL's 2go netvertible gets reviewed


    Remember that CTL 2go netvertible we hepped you to in the heady, hazy days of mid-October? The folks over at Laptop Magazine have taken a good look at a demo model (the color of "yellow-lime green hospital sheets," apparently) and were cool enough to share their thoughts with us. The device gets kudos for its durability, with the spill-resistant keyboard, shock mounted hard drive and detachable handle earning some points, but the cramped keyboard was deemed less than praiseworthy. When functioning as a tablet, the accelerometer is said to be responsive, so reorienting the screen is a breeze -- although the reviewer did choose to install a few freeware apps to compensate for the fact that Windows XP Home is less than tablet-friendly. If everything goes according to plan, the Linux version of the tablet should retail for $499, with a Windows XP Home version costing about fifty dollars more. Hit the read link for the full review and an exciting video of the appliance in action.

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