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Dissidia vids: Squall and Zidane in EX Mode

Majed Athab

Fan service is a good thing when it's done to enhance the gaming experience and not just make up for a lack of substance. In the case of Dissidia: Final Fantasy, there are a lot of solid, new gameplay elements which fit in well with the dazzling flash that Final Fantasy is known for -- so it's got the best of both worlds.

Nothing sums this merging of innovation and style more than the EX Mode. You'll see why when you watch the embedded video above when Squall and Zidane show off the Renzokuken and Trance, respectively. The timed-input events, and the visceral, swift action makes Dissidia look like the most exciting PSP title this (Japanese) holiday season. It makes us sad to remember that a North American release has yet to be heard of.

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