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Konami financial results show incredible reliance on PlayStation


Konami is a publisher of games on every platform. However, it appears that their greatest success comes on PlayStation consoles. In 2007, sales were largely dominated by PlayStation platforms. The PS2 represented 39% of Konami's overall sales, while the PlayStation brand accounted for 58%.

2008 looks no different, as PS3 now represents 38% of Konami's overall sales (thanks, Metal Gear Solid 4!). The PlayStation brand accounts for a whopping 67% of sales for the Japanese publisher.

Without MGS4 in the company portfolio, the numbers may skew a bit differently. However, it's important to note that Konami seems to be struggling in getting a key audience on non-Sony platforms. Xbox 360 is home to most of Konami's multiplatform efforts, and that's yielded quite an insignificant return. We're surprised by the success they've found on PSP, especially in comparison to the DS figures. So long as PlayStation can offer these kinds of numbers, Konami may continue being one of Sony's greatest partners.

[Via NeoGAF]

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