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Nippon Ichi signs up for Wii, Disgaea a tantalizing possibility


We already knew that Nippon Ichi would have some kind of presence on the Wii (news of an NIS WiiWare game, Let's Hitchhike, was leaked last month), but now Nippon Ichi and Nintendo's platform are a super official couple, because the publisher has signed up as a Wiiware and Wii developer.

It's the "and Wii developer" bit which is significant here. Naturally, the first property which springs to mind where Nippon Ichi is concerned is Disgaea. The company has been only too happy to spread the series across multiple formats (some would say it's been spread too thinly), so the world's best-selling home console seems like a logical next stop. Make it happen, NIS!

[Via Siliconera]

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