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Verizon cans ads that batter Sprint's push-to-talk network

Darren Murph

Man, what's up with Verizon and its ad department? Just a few months back, the carrier was thrashed by PETA for running a controversial spot involving two pit bulls chained up in a junkyard, and now it's being fingered for making questionable remarks toward Sprint's push-to-talk network. For those unaware, the spots (one hosted after the break) included lines such as "We all upgraded to Verizon Wireless. Got push to talk and the reliability of the network. That old service is useless now." Sprint argued that the subtle drops could wrongfully influence people to believe that Sprint's PTT network was non-functional or that it would soon be discontinued, and eventually, NAD (an ad watchdog agency) recommended that VZW nix the ads. As it stands, the commercials in question have indeed been dropped, but Verizon asserts that it did so as a normal part of business. Ah well, it's the end result that matters, right Sprint?

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