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Verizon promo hints at possible BlackBerry Storm pricing

Darren Murph

It's a little absurd that Verizon Wireless still hasn't come out of the woodwork to announce an official price on its BlackBerry Storm, but it seems an approximate sticker has been found in a most unusual place. If you peruse the absolutely enthralling fine print in the carrier's NYC Storm Hunt contest, you'll notice a disclosing line that details the grand prize. 50 individuals will win a BlackBerry Storm 9500 handset and a $50 Verizon Wireless gift card with an approximate retail value of $549. After consulting with our trusty abacus, we're left with a retail Storm price of $499. In other words, the 2-year contract price on this could theoretically be mighty delicious. Care to comment, VZW?

[Via Boy Genius Report]

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