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WoW Moviewatch: The Scourge trailer


We're sticking with our theme of preparation for Wrath of the Lich King by looking at the trailer for Cold Entertainment's upcoming The Scourge. "The Scourge" is a two man-project about a peasant who's involved with the Scourge war just before Warcraft 3. The antagonist will be affected, of course, and doesn't stay "a good guy" through the events of the movie.

The trailer definitely worked to get my interest. I liked the dark and gloomy animation style, and the use of heartbeats to underscore tension. The trailer does have a few cliches, like the angsty-man-kneels-by-a-tombstone. But these things are cliches for a reason, and the trope communicates that some tragedy is affecting the central character. And since genre pieces are almost always character-driven, focus on the antagonist is valid and to be encouraged.

My only real criticism of the trailer would be pacing. The fades between action/imagery to verbiage then back to action/imagery are a little slower than I'd like them to be. The narrative hook is lost in the long transitions, and we have to be re-engaged several times throughout the trailer.


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