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EA job cuts have 'unfortunate consequence' for Arkane Studios


EA's recent curtailing of its work force by six percent has had a dramatic effect on independent developer and collaborator, Arkane Studios. Speaking to GameDaily BIZ, Arkane chief executive Raphael Colantonio confirmed that the cost-cutting maneuver came to the detriment of his studio's engagement with the publisher. The way Colantonio said it, it almost sounds like he rang EA's Los Angeles office the next day and found that there was nobody left to answer the phone. Not even Antonio.

"The next morning the team on EA's side was greatly downsized and we were told about the strategic decision and its unfortunate consequence on our collaboration," he said. Though the Arx Fatalis and Dark Messiah of Might and Magic developer still respects EA as a "great partner," it's already evaluating plans for the immediate future. "I need to find a deal as soon as possible to reassign the team affected by this event." There is no indication as to what project the thirty-strong team was working on.

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