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Modder removes buttons from Xbox 360 controller, still finds a way to play

Samuel Axon

At first glance, this Xbox 360 controller mod doesn't look as hardcore as some others we've seen, but its minimalism disguises its epicness. The modder took the controller apart and rebuilt it without the four face buttons or the direction pad, then placed a couple extra switches on the back that perform the same functions. The elaborate and not-at-all-easy process detailed beyond the read link results in a practical layout for hardcore types -- with the buttons on the lower back, leet first-person-shooter players don't have to take their hands off the sticks to perform actions like jumping and reloading, and the controller is less likely to rock due to alternating activity on the top and bottom. This isn't the first mod to employ this idea, but the complete removal of the dead face buttons for better aesthetics sets it apart. Video after the break.

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