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More Wrath deals around the world

Mike Schramm

We've rounded up a few more Wrath of the Lich King deals if you haven't pulled the trigger on a preorder yet.

  • Newegg has the game available for the low price of $36.99 with free shipping, which is a couple bucks cheaper than Amazon. (thanks, Lîlîth of Crushridge!)
  • Reader Tyler G tell us that Gametraders, a chain in Australia, will be selling the game with a 60 day timecard and poster for AU$79.95. Usually the game is AU$60 and the timecard is AU$40, so it's a deal.
  • Commenter Rey tells us that Canada's Futureshop is offering 40% off if you trade-in two games. We don't see that on their site (there is a $100 costume contest though and a free hat!), but we'll take his word for it. A free hat!
A few more after the break.

  • is selling the game plus a set of headphones for $44.90 total.
  • Gamestop is offering (as they do with most new games) an extra 20% trade-in on any games put towards a preorder or purchase of Wrath. (thanks Falstad!)
As always, if you hear of any other deals with the game's second expansion, drop us a note on the tips line.

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