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Preparing for Wrath Day 6: Have a nice night with some pots, stones, and oils


There's only six more days until Wrath's release. Each day until the release we'll take a look at one thing you can do to prepare for the expansion. Taking a half hour here and there to get things ready before release will let you spend more time in Northrend and less time doing some of the un-fun things.

Yesterday Alison cover bringing the right food and drinks to Northrend. Quite important to get ready ahead of time if you want to level quickly and easily. Along the same lines are potions, stones, and oils to take with you on your journeys.

Let's take look at a long list of some easily obtainable items you should stock up on now. The goal of this list is to go over things that will survive through death. So we're not putting things like elixirs on it. No need to waste lots of expensive items when you die. Also, while flasks are definitely an option to use if you have them, chances are they're all used up with the last bit of raiding in Burning Crusade.

You'll notice on this list that these are all current Burning Crusade items. The reason for this is two fold. First, you're probably going to have a lot of these stored up. Getting rid of them as they become second tier items is good, there'll be a lot better versions of these things in a couple weeks. And secondly, even though there are better items available in Wrath, they won't be easy to get right away. You'll have to wait until people farm, learn, and make them. Don't expect that right away.

We also know that oils and stones are not going to work on post-70 items. That is just one more reason to use these up now while you still can.


These potions are the staple of anyone who wants to quickly and professionally level. Use them when you're in a tight spot. You can get these en-mass on the AH, or make them yourself. To make them you'll need 2xNetherbloom, 1xFelweed, 1xImbued Vial. Find an alchemist that is specialized into potions to enjoy the occasional proc which allows you to get more bang for your mats.

Anyone with a little blue bar on their screen enjoys having a few stacks of these. Just like everything else you see here tonight you can pick these up on the AH or get them made for you. In crafting a Super Mana Potion you'll need 2xDreaming Glory, 1xFelweed, and 1xImbued Vial.

The other option for both these is to get your hands on a Healing Potion Injector of Mana Potion Injector. Talk to a friendly engineer to get hooked up with these.


These stones you can apply to weapons, increasing damage by 12 and critical strike rating by 14 (a little under 1%). Get them from either the AH or have a blacksmith make them for you. He'll need 1 Adamantite Bar (or 2 Adamantite Ores), and 2x Mote of Earth to craft it. These will work on any sharp weapon: 1H Axe, 2H Axe, Daggers, 1H Sword, 2H Sword, and Polearms.

These stones are good to increase blunt weapon damage by 12 and critical strike rating by 14. You can purchase one off the AH or have a blacksmith cook one up. He'll need 1 bar of Adamanite, and 2x Netherweave Cloth. These will work on any blunt weapon: 1H Mace, 2H Mace, Staves, Fist Weapons, and a big wooden stick.


I've included both Superior Wizard Oil and Brilliant Wizard oil on the list since many folks still have massive amounts of old world enchanting mats sitting around. This is especially true with the new achievement system, in which everyone is running around doing the old world instances again.

Superior Wizard Oil increases spell power by 42, while the Brilliant Wizard Oil increases it by 36 and increase critical strike rating by 14. Which is better? Some people swear by the Brilliant Wizard Oil. I'll let you decide for yourself however.

To make the Superior Wizard Oil you'll need 3xArcane Dust, a Nightmare Vine, and an Imbued Vial. To make the Brilliant Wizard Oil you'll need 2xLarge Brilliant Shard, 3xFirebloom, and a Imbued Vial.

Both are obtainable through the AH.

Of course if you are grouping, which we'll talk about at a later date, there are also the Superior Mana Oil and Brilliant Mana Oil available.

Are you ready for the challenges that await you in Northrend? WoW Insider has you covered with our 8-day guide to Preparing for Wrath. Also, check out our feature on AddOns new, old and outdated written especially with the expansion in mind.

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