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Activision partners with USO to send games to troops

Publishing juggernaut Activision recently partnered up with the United Service Organization, a non-profit group whose sole purpose is to boost the morale of those currently serving in the armed forces, to give the gift of gaming to a bunch of people who have really earned it. At a launch event for Call of Duty: World at War at a Washington D.C. GameStop, customers will be able to play the title online with active servicemen and servicewomen -- in addition, for every copy of World at War purchased at the event, Activision will donate $10 to the USO. On top of all that, Activision will also donate $100,000 worth of Guitar Hero III to military bases across the globe.

This rather altruistic showing might just be exactly what Activision needed to win back the heart of the gaming community in the wake of a few upsetting comments recently made by CEO Bobby Kotick. We're a forgiving lot, aren't we, guys?

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