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Ask PSP Fanboy: Volume 44

Justin Eaton

It's the end of the week, which calls for a new volume of Ask PSP Fanboy! Each week we'll collect your questions, and each weekend a new volume of Ask PSP Fanboy will appear on the front page. If you've got a question, send an email to justin.eaton @ weblogsinc .com with the subject "Ask PSP Fanboy."

Q. I see that Puzzle Quest has been put on the Playstation Store. The original UMD release had an issue where none of your traveling companions gave you any benefit. Have you heard if the bug has been fixed in this version, or is it a straight port from the UMD?
A. No additional details have been released with the addition of Puzzle Quest to the PlayStation Store; This is a direct port of hte UMD game.

Q. How do you take a screenshot with the PSP? I thought I read that feature was included in the 5.0 firmware update.
A. This is available in only select PSP games. Games like Wipeout Pulse will allow you to take screenshots in a special "screenshot mode."

Q. If you buy a PS1 game on the PS store (Ex.Crash Bandicoot: Warped), would you need a PS3 to put it on your PSP?
A. While you can certainly use a PS3 to transfer content to your handheld, you can now download PlayStation Store content directly from your PSP (firmware 5.00+), or even the PC PlayStation Store.

The recent problem with the new PSP 3000, with the screen, is this a problem with all the PSP's or just a few?
A. We reported in this screen issue a couple weeks ago, stating that it does appear to affecting all current PSP-3000 models.

Q. Will Sony ever update the Flash Player on the PSP like they did with the latest PS3 Firmware?
A. Newer versions of the Flash Player require more in the way of hardware resources, something that Sony will have to look at and determine if the PSP capable of. It's unlikely that the PSP will receive a Flash 9 update, like the recent PS3 update.

Q. Whatever happened to the 2008 release of the GPS attachment for the PSP in North America?
A. We're still expecting the GPS peripheral to launch in North America, though Sony may announce a delay soon, with only a couple months left in the 2008 year. Both the GPS and keyboard peripherals are expected to be released by 2009.

Q. Are downloaded games from the PSP enabled PSN store locked to a particular PSP?
A. You're allowed to re-download/transfer PlayStation Store on up to five PSP systems. You can always deactivate a PSP system using a PS3 if you ever get a new system.

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