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Nintendo drops more Wii Speak details

We've been anxiously anticipating Nintendo's next big peripheral since it was unveiled at their mind-blowing E3 2008 showcase -- a groundbreaking, futuristic device that actually allows you to speak with your online gaming cohorts. However, we've had a lot of questions concerning the price and release date of the cutting edge technology known as Wii Speak (and its companion software, the Wii Speak Channel) -- questions that were recently answered in a press release from the money-printing company.

You can get your hands on Nintendo's talkin' puck on Nov. 16, either bundled with Animal Crossing: City Folk for $69.99, or by its lonesome for $29.99. The accessory comes with a coupon which allows you to download the Wii Speak Channel for free (we're unclear whether City Folk includes said coupon), which will be available for download sometime in December -- and yes, you can only chat with those whose unwieldy friend codes you've already acquired. Sure, it's a minor inconvenience -- but considering the social gaming revolution this peripheral will initiate, it's a hoop we're certain you'll be willing to jump through.

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