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    Sharp's AQUOS LC-46D85U LCD HDTV reviewed: average at best

    Darren Murph

    Generally speaking, Sharp's AQUOS line is a pretty safe bet. That being said, its 46-inch LC-46D85U didn't fare too well under the scrutiny of CNET. Reviewers did point out that it displayed accurate color once calibration was complete, and they also admired the copious quantity of inputs and the "understated, no-nonsense styling." Still, the uneven backlight uniformity (which produced banding), light black levels and lack of dejudder video processing pretty much nullified the previously mentioned gains. In the end, the troubling quirks associated with the image quality all but eliminated it from consideration given its lofty price tag ($1,700+), which should be quite troubling to the ears at Sharp -- particularly with a heralded KURO LCD HDTV rolling stateside in under a year.

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