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T-Mobile likely to skip HSPA+, head straight to LTE

Darren Murph

When you know what's just around the bend, biting on the best the world has now is that much more difficult. Just ask T-Mobile International, who told Unstrung at the World Telecoms Conference in London that it would probably bypass the whole HSPA+ thing and look straight to LTE. More specifically, CTO Joachim Horn noted that "if I need to invest into more hardware, I think it's better to start early [with LTE]. LTE is a more future-oriented technology." He did admit that T-Mobile would "deploy HSPA as long as there is no hardware replacement necessary," but that means the current 3G network would only ever hit 14.4Mbit/sec (at most). Interestingly enough, Horn also showed interest in TD-LTE, which China Mobile is currently backing as a migration path from TD-SCDMA. At any rate, T-Mob users should probably hope LTE gets here in a hurry, particularly now that you know what you're waiting for.

[Via Electronista]

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